The False Dichotomy of Monoliths and Microservices

When learning about microservices, you're nearly always introduced to the concept of a monolith. If you're not doing microservices, you're building a monolith. If you're not building a monolith, you must go with microservices. If you're building a monolith, perhaps you're doing it well and it's a majestic monolith. From my early encounters with microservices, this dichotomy bothered me. The discussion of a monolith was nearly always focused on its [Read More]

Migrating Contoso University Example to Razor Pages

A coworker noticed that it looked like Razor Pages were the new "recommended" way of building server-side rendered web applications in ASP.NET Core 2.0. I hadn't paid much attention because at first glance they looked like Web Forms. However, that's not the case. I forked my Contoso University example (how I like to build MVC applications) and updated it to use Razor Pages instead. Razor Pages are similar [Read More]

My Microservices FAQ

Mainly because I get asked all the time about microservices and I'm tired of having to remember on the spot: What is a microservice? A microservice is a service with a design focus towards the smallest autonomous boundary. What is a service? (From Clemens) A service is software that: is owned, built, and run by an organization is responsible for holding, processing, and/or distributing particular kinds of information within [Read More]

Containers - What Are They Good For? Local Dependencies

Containers, huh, good god What is it good for? Local Dependencies! - Edwin Starr (also disputed) In the last post, I walked through our typical development pipeline, from local dev to production: Now for most of our developers, when we start a new project, we can just continue to work on our existing host machine. The development dependencies don't change that much from project to project, and we're on projects [Read More]

Containers - What Are They Good For?

Containers, huh, good god What is it good for? Probably something? - Edwin Starr (disputed) Here at Headspring, we're seeing more and more usage of Docker for local development. Having not really touched Docker or containers, I wanted to understand how Docker could help make our lives easier for development, whether it's just local development, our CI/CD pipeline, production, anything really. I hadn't touched containers mainly because I really [Read More]