Domain Driven Design

Domain-Driven Refactoring: Intro

Posts in this series: IntroProcedural BeginningsLong MethodsExtracting Domain ServicesDefactoring and Pushing Behavior DownEncapsulating DataEncapsulating CollectionsA common theme in domain-driven design are design patterns. When you start learning about DDD, you'll be presented with many code-level concepts such as: AggregatesEntitiesValue ObjectsRepositoriesSpecificationsFactoriesWith all of these patterns

Distributed Systems

Diagnostics and Instrumentation Packages Targeting Open Telemetry Beta for MongoDB and NServiceBus Published

That's...a long title. I've published release packages for System.Diagnostics support for NServiceBus and MongoDB: NServiceBus.Extensions.DiagnosticsMongoDB.Driver.Core.Extensions.DiagnosticSourcesAnd published new beta packages targeting the beta release of OpenTelemetry: NServiceBus.Extensions.Diagnostics.OpenTelemetryMongoDB.Driver.Core.Extensions.OpenTelemetryThe Diagnostics packages are