AutoMapper 6.2.1 Released

Release notes here. The previous release introduced some inadvertent breaking behavior changes in convention-based map creation and some DI scenarios. This maintenance release fixes these two issues by: Allowing configuration of member lists to validate per-map Allowing resetting of static mapper configuration (for testing scenarios) Find this release on NuGet: [Read More]

AutoMapper extensions for Microsoft DI 3.2.0 released

Today I pushed out a small change to the AutoMapper.Extensions.Microsoft.DependencyInjection package to allow instance-based initialization. Before you initialize with services.AddAutoMapper(), set a configuration flag: ServiceCollectionExtensions.UseStaticRegistration = false; services.AddAutoMapper(); By default the extension will register using Mapper.Initialize, but with this flag off, the extension instead registers an instance. Mapper.Initialize is enforced to only be called once, which can be an issue for unit tests [Read More]

AutoMapper 6.2.0 Released

Today I pushed out AutoMapper 6.2.0. Check out the release notes for the closed issues. A couple of big features in this release include inline maps, where AutoMapper no longer requires you to call CreateMap for new maps. I had resisted this idea (and even took out the Mapper.DynamicMap feature) because I saw these dynamic maps as a bit dangerous. One of the original design guidelines was [Read More]

Composite UIs for Microservices - Data Composition

Posts in this series: A primer Composition options Client composition Server composition Data composition In the last post, we looked at composing at the server side, both through composing through widgets/components, and then for data sources for a widget themselves, using model composition to pull data from multiple sources into a single model. In model composition, a single set of inputs fans out to multiple services for data, returned [Read More]

Respawn vs SQL Server Snapshots

One of the newer features of SQL Server is the ability to snapshot a database at a point in time, and restore it. A commenter on the Respawn announcement asked if I had looked at this feature for resetting a test database to a known point. I hadn't, and this feature offers a few perks over Respawn. Respawn is an intelligent table deleter, instead of giving you an actual snapshot [Read More]