Containers - What Are They Good For? Running Our CI Builds

In the last post, I looked at creating a build environment, settling on a strategy where I used Docker Compose to create our build environment. From there, I need some way to actually run our build in an environment. Typically, my Windows build run in some sort of hosted agent, whether it's AppVeyor or VSTS. The major advantage here is there's some pool of build agents that I don't really [Read More]

AutoMapper extensions for Microsoft DI 5.0 released

Hot off the presses, with some pretty big breaking changes. For the unfamiliar, the AutoMapper.Extensions.Microsoft.DependencyInjection package is the extension to the MS DI libraries used by ASP.NET Core and others. It lets you do: services.AddMvc(); services.AddAutoMapper(); And this package finds all AutoMapper configuration in the current AppDomain, or assemblies you specify, configure everything, and register the AutoMapper-specific services with the container. In the past, [Read More]

AutoMapper 7.0 Released

Today I pushed out the AutoMapper 7.0 release: Release notes This release is mainly bug fixes, but keeping with the last few major releases, has a few breaking API changes. The major breaking API change is breaking out the expression mapping (OData support) so that it can release independently of the normal in-memory AutoMapper mapping. You can find this in the AutoMapper.Extensions.ExpressionMapping package. I've also updated the [Read More]

MediatR 5.0 Released

Another milestone for MediatR, I released 5.0 over the weekend. This release simplifies a number of interfaces and methods, but introduced some breaking changes along the way. The major change for MediatR in 5.0 is the combination of void requests to directly implement IRequest<Unit>. In 4.x: public interface IRequest<T> : IBaseRequest { } public interface IRequest : IBaseRequest { } And in 5.0: public interface IRequest& [Read More]