Composite UIs for Microservices - Composition options

Posts in this series: A primer Composition options In our previous post, we looked at why we might compose, seeing it's primarily an edge concern, where we're exposing our services to end users. Those end users could be customers, or they could be internal business users, anyone really. Once we see that we need to compose, the next logical step is to determine how we should compose. But before we [Read More]

Composite UIs for Microservices - A Primer

Microservices can be easy, if we never have to compose, orchestrate, or otherwise integrate between multiple services. If our inter-service communication is low, we can piecemeal a solution based on basic integration patterns such as messaging. A land without composition and integration is when I have highly decoupled systems and business organization. If I strictly build systems around the organization structure, and if that organizational structure is entirely driven by [Read More]