Integration Testing with xUnit

A few years back, I had given up on xUnit in favor of Fixie because of the flexibility that Fixie provides. The xUnit project is highly opinionated, and geared strictly towards unit tests. It's great for that. A broader testing strategy includes much more than just unit tests. With Fixie, I can implement any of the XUnit Test Patterns to implement a comprehensive automated test strategy (rather than, say, having [Read More]

Respawn vs SQL Server Snapshots

One of the newer features of SQL Server is the ability to snapshot a database at a point in time, and restore it. A commenter on the Respawn announcement asked if I had looked at this feature for resetting a test database to a known point. I hadn't, and this feature offers a few perks over Respawn. Respawn is an intelligent table deleter, instead of giving you an actual snapshot [Read More]

Respawn 1.0.0 released

Respawn is a small library to help reset your database to a known state before tests. If you're like our teams and rely on integration/subcutaneous tests as your final "green" test for feature complete, keeping a consistent database state can be frustrating. Respawn solves this problem by intelligently wiping your local test database clean before each test: var checkpoint = new Checkpoint(); await checkpoint.Reset("MyConnectionStringName"); // or await checkpoint.Reset( [Read More]