The Gemba Walk for Designing Software

The Gemba Walk is a common lean practice for understanding a current process as-is before taking any action to improve that process. Traditionally, you'd see this in lean manufacturing, where you'd walk through a process, in-person, to understand the purpose, process, and people involved in creating some sort of value or product. For whatever reason, the "Gemba Walk" is dismissed more or less from lean software engineering as a means [Read More]

Trunk-Based Development or Pull Requests - Why Not Both?

Trunk-Based Development movement is often proposed as the alternative to Git Flow. I understand this distinction - managing streams of work through long-lived branches can be trouble. For those new to TBD, it can look like this means throwing away all branches and everyone commits literally to trunk. Typically this comes out as "feature branches are bad". But I've seen the opposite - it's not that feature branches are bad, [Read More]