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NServiceBus.Extensions.Diagnostics 2.1 Released

From the previous post on building NServiceBus metrics, I've pushed a new version of the NServiceBus.Extensions.Diagnostics and OpenTelemetry packages: NServiceBus.Extensions.Diagnostics NuGetNServiceBus.Extensions.Diagnostics ReadMeNServiceBus.Extensions.Diagnostics.OpenTelemetry NuGetNServiceBus.Extensions.Diagnostics.OpenTelemetry ReadMeAs before, the OpenTelemetry packages are just small wrappers

Domain Driven Design

Domain-Driven Refactoring: Intro

Posts in this series: IntroProcedural BeginningsLong MethodsExtracting Domain ServicesDefactoring and Pushing Behavior DownEncapsulating DataEncapsulating CollectionsA common theme in domain-driven design are design patterns. When you start learning about DDD, you'll be presented with many code-level concepts such as: AggregatesEntitiesValue ObjectsRepositoriesSpecificationsFactoriesWith all of these patterns